[Video] New song for Christmas: Conchita yodels

Unexpected song from the bearded diva – and an example of her versatility

Conchita und Ina Regen

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Austria’s iconic Song Contest winner Conchita Wurst surprises her friends and fans again: Just in time for the most reflective time of the year, she released a new song. For the first time the 29 year old diva sings in Austrian dialect – and yodels.

Traditional sound instead of disco and glitter

Together with singer Ina Regen from Upper Austria, a close personal friend, Conchita did a cover version of “Heast as net” (“Don’t you hear it”) by Austrian singer Hubert von Goisern. The song is one of the best-known examples for a new kind of traditional Austrian music, trying to preserve traditions without kitsch and giving them a temporary twist.

And Conchita fits into this role: She masters the unusual sounds without any problem. Together with Ina Regen, Conchita also perfectly meets the quiet atmosphere that makes this song unique –  like it was just made for these two singers.

A strong message against the shift to the right

Hubert von Goisern wanted to pronounce a clear message against the shift to the right in the Austrian society when he first released the song in 1992. And that didn’t change for Conchita. Von Goisern sings about “a society that’s formed by inclusion and diversity”, she says. Like von Goisern she comes from the alpine Austrian region of Salzkammergut.

The harmonious video for “Heast as net” by Conchita and Ina Regen was shot at “Am Himmel” (at heaven) – a large meadow in the vineyards of Vienna, best known for their panoramic view over Vienna. It was directed by André Karsai.

And YouTube seems to like Conchitas new style: Within one day, the video was seen almost 30.000 times.

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